Installation on Android devices

In order to install mSpy on the target Android device you need to have that device in your hands and an Internet connection should be available.

It is important to understand that due to high level of customization of Android OS the steps from the following guide might differ from what you will see on the actual phone. However, all the menu sections are similar and you will be able to easily find your way through. For example, instead of ‘Applications’ you might see ‘Apps’, ‘Application manager’ or Manage Application.


Before you start the installation please make sure that on your target device in SettingsSecurity there is a check mark next to Unknown Sources. It is also recommended to remove a check mark from Verify apps.

install1 install2 install3 Verify1

Note: In Android version 5.0+ Verify Apps option is located in Google Settings → Security

English1 English2 English3

In Android 6.X.X – Android 7.X Verify apps is located in Settings – Google – Security – Verify apps

In order to disable Verify apps on the phone which runs Android 6.X.X. perform next steps:
  1. Open Settings and go to Google, in case this option is missing select Applications > Google;
  2. 410178c8-33ce-4b75-b841-ae64e4358252 czoIt4VIayI fZo9TcYGzYQ
  3. Under Services choose Security section
  4. Under Verify apps disable Scan device for security threats option
English2 English3

Download it!

1. From the Home screen open All Apps (list of all available applications) and choose Google Chrome

install5 install6

2. Once you see the homepage of the Chrome enter in the URL-bar and press Go from the keypad. After that you will see a screen with captcha with a code you need to enter to start downloading process.

captcha1 captcha2 captcha3

Please note: is a direct-download link which will NOT open you any new webpages, but will simply start the download on the background (little message should pop-up informing you that the download started).

3. You can now go back to the to All Apps from your Home screen and choose Downloads where you will see the bt.apk file. Tap on the bt.apk file and the installation will begin.

install9 bt2

Install it!

1. After opening the bt.apk file you will need to follow the sequence: Next → Install → Open.

Updateservice1 Updateservice2 Updateservice3

2. Read EULA carefully, put checkmark next to Accept license agreement to proceed.

3. Activate Prevent uninstall option

4. Hit Activate button to prevent removal and activate device administrator

5. Activate Keylogger tracking option, it will forward you to the new window > tap on Framework update service and switch it ON.

6. Activate Allow collecting data option, it will forward you to the new window > tap on Framework update service > Allow usage access

7. Select if you want the icon to be visible

Note, that option “Allow collecting data” is available for Android 6+ only.
Installation finished!

Delete Browser history and Installation package.

Now you can delete the bt.apk file from the Downloads. Check the file (or tap and hold) and you will see the trash bin sign on top. Tap it to delete selected file

install9 bt delete

and also you can clear browsing history by going to Browser → tap Menu buttonSettings → Security & Privacy → Clear Browsing history.

install5 install23 install24 install25 install26

And there are no longer any traces of mSpy on the target device!