How to re-link/change your target iPhone

With mSpy you can change the phone you are monitoring at any time as long as your subscription is active. All you need is to disconnect the phone you were monitoring previously from your account and install the software on a new device.

Here is the instruction you can refer to:

  1. Log in to your mSpy account on and go to ‘Profile’.

  2. reinstall2

  3. You need to find the ‘Device Management’ section.

  4. reinstall2

  5. Click on the ‘Unlink Device’ button.

  6. reinstall2

  7. Enter your mSpy account password and click on ‘Unlink’ to confirm.

  8. reinstall2

  9. You will be returned back to the installation wizard page where you should select ‘IOS’ target device in order to link new/current phone.

  10. reinstall2