How to disable 2 factor authentication

To go around the two-factor authentication you need to change the iCloud account on your child’s iPhone. The new iCloud account will have the two-factor authentication DISABLED by default.

Please follow the steps below:

  • Create a new email box for the new iCloud account on Gmail. Don’t forget to verify your e-mail after signing up. We recommend creating an email address that looks like your kid’s email address

  • Once you created a new email for your kid you can use this email on the official Apple website to create a new iCloud account. You should use a Mac / Windows computer or an Android phone to create a new iCloud account, but not an iPhone.


  • On your kid’s device please go to Settings -> [kid’s name], scroll down and hit Sign Out, input the password from the previous iCloud account (not the one you just created), and hit Turn Off.

  • Select the data types to be kept on the phone, then hit Sign Out. Then hit Sign Out again. Wait until iCloud data is copied.

  • Go to Settings -> Sign in to your iPhone and input Apple ID and password of the new iCloud account you created. Then hit Next in the upper right corner. If you see a message suggesting to upgrade your security click on Other options -> Do not upgrade.

  • You have successfully switched to the new iCloud account and the two-factor authentication is disabled. It must never be turned on. Go to Settings -> [kid’s name] -> iCloud -> iCloud Backup. Make sure that iCloud backup is enabled (the iCloud Backup toggle must be green). Tap on Back Up Now and wait until the backup is done.

The iPhone must be connected to Wi-Fi to backup. If you see a message saying that there is not enough storage for a backup please upgrade the storage. Go to Settings > [kid’s name] > iCloud > Manage Storage or iCloud Storage. Tap Buy More Storage or Change Storage Plan. Choose a plan. Tap Buy and follow the onscreen instructions.

  • Go to the home screen -> App Store -> search for any app -> hit Install.

  • Enter the password from the Apple ID you created, hit Sign In, then Review

  • Accept Terms and Conditions -> hit Next in the upper right corner. Fill out the fields and hit Next in the upper right corner. Then press Continue.

  • Go to Settings -> iTunes & App Store -> Password Settings -> turn off Require Password.

  • Log in to your mSpy account from your personal device here.
  • Enter your child’s name and age.
  • Enter the new Apple ID and password.
  • Press Proceed and select the available phone to monitor.
  • The information from your kid’s iPhone will be downloaded to your mSpy account within 24 hours. You will receive updates every 24 hours from now on.