How to set up mSpy for iPhone monitoring

In order to start monitoring your iPhone there are just a few simple steps to be done:

1. First of all it is necessary to activate the iCloud backup on the monitored device. Please open Settings – click on Apple settings – find ‘iCloud’ – open ‘iCloud backup’ and turn ON ‘iCloud Backup’.

Then please press a Back Up Now button. All further backups will be done automatically while the target iPhone is charging, connected to the Wi-Fi and the screen is locked(the phone is not in use).

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Note! If you have the error ‘Not enough iCloud storage’, please click here to know how to resolve it. You need to extend your current storage plan with Apple.

2. It is also important to know the target phone’s Apple ID and password. These credentials should be entered on the installation wizard, and then you will be able to select the device that you wish to monitor from the list of devices connected to this ID.

Note! It is also possible to monitor one iPhone if that device is linked to the common Apple Family account.

Important! In case 2-factor authentication is enabled on your target iPhone, please follow the next steps to switch it OFF for smooth monitoring

In case you want to proceed with enabled 2-factor authentication

If you want to link the target iPhone with enabled 2-factor authentication on it, you need to get a 6-digit Verification Code which is sent to the target device. You will receive a message that will ask you to send code. Hit the ‘Send code’ button and check the screen of your target device.

  1. Take the phone in your hands.
  2. Click ‘Allow’ on the monitored device.
  3. Get verification code.
  4. Insert this code to the appropriate field in the Installation Wizard.
  5. Click ‘Verify’

Screenshot_3 Screenshot_2

3.Please finish the Installation Wizard on

  • Log in to your mSpy account
  • Select the option ‘Set up your phone’ in the upper left corner
  • Select your target device OS.
  • Enter your Child’s name and his age.
  • Enter his/her Apple ID and password
  • Press ‘Proceed’ and select the available phone to monitor

  • The data from the target phone will appear on your Control Panel within 24 hours.